Winamp Classic Full 2.95

Free software for playing music and video files on personal computers

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    Full 2.95

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98

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    7.1 (93)

WinAmp Classic is the freeware version of WinAmp version 2.0, the famous MP3 and audio media player. The player also a very limited video playback capability around MP4, MPEG, and AVI file types. WinAmp has standard tools such as a 16-channel equalizer and playlist editing. WinAmp Classic is available for Apple and Windows-based computers. Below is a short list of benefits and drawbacks when using WinAmp Classic.


  • Customization. Winamp is very customizable via audio, video, and visualization plugins. Such plugins include surround sound enhancements and 3D beat visualization software. Most plugins are created by programming enthusiasts within the WinAmp community, with the majority of plugins being free of cost. The most popular customization feature for WinAmp Classic is the ability to create and apply custom skin interfaces. Many skins are based upon common elements such as sports teams or musical groups. This feature was groundbreaking at the time of the original release, as most media players had one standard interface, with no additional features.
  • Lightweight. WinAmp Classic is lightweight, only weighing a few megabytes, and is quick to install for immediate use. This program also takes up very little RAM, meaning that playback can last for hours at a time or that the program can (theoretically) remain opened with most modern computer devices.
  • Freeware. WinAmp Classic is freeware, with many valid websites available to download the program.


  • Lack of Support. WinAmp Classic is very outdated as it originated prior to 2000. Subsequent additions have been up to version 5.7. Because of the age of WinAmp Classic, do not expect customer support should the software fail or not function correctly. However, because of the basic nature and capabilities of WinAmp Classic, the survivability of the program should be long term as a simple audio player.
  • Limited Resources. Nullsoft, the company behind WinAmp, has ceased operations in 2014 through orders from AOL Time Warner. However, an European group has acquired WinAmp and is currently looking to re-invent the product. In the meantime, many resources which were available the WinAmp website is no longer obtainable, such as plugins.
  • Lack of Video Playback. WinAmp Classic does not have the ability of video playback using modern video formats such as Quicktime and MKV. Plugins can be applied to allow for enhanced video playback, but such use may promote constant crashing of the program. Additionally, WinAmp Classic has very limited streaming capabilities, so channels and streamcasts may not be recommended for use.

WinAmp Classic is a basic audio player, which is reliable and highly customizable. Use Classic as a standalone player for music playlists, especially if the need is for lightweight playback of MP3s files.

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